We, People of the planet Earth, we thought that we are so progressive in the 21th century.  

We learned at School about black pledge and other terrible diseases that happened because we were not progressive. But not now, not in the 21-th century.

And then, the year 2020 started with a little present for our progressive mankind. Corona happened.

At the time when the planet Earth noticed that there is a tiny but deadly Virus I was on my first trip far from my City, my Country, and the place which I call home. It was at my first Erasmus plus student exchange experience in Slovakia. This experience lasted just one Month because in the start of March, the Borders where closed and we, the students, went home…

Our experience living abroad ended and we continued our Erasmus plus student exchange online. We had lectures online and also our exams.

But besides the fact that my living abroad experience ended so soon, the year 2020 was a success for me, because I got my Bachelor degree.

The life ‘goes on’ and I was preparing myself for my further education. My first option was to enroll in a Master degree program at the University of Ljubljana. I prepared myself and my application form for the next trip.  My next destination to live abroad, this time in Slovenia.

In the meantime I planned my next year and my next living abroad experience. But, how it often happens in life, something occurs and made me change my plans.

Because of the Covid-19 situation my Diploma was not printed on time, so I missed the application deadline for the planed Master degree program. This changed not only my plans but it changed also my course of life for the next year, and further, probably.

The fact that I can`t control everything and that in life there is always and unknown factor that may change our plans was a slap in the face for me. Those few weeks of rethinking about my next year’s plans where emotional. However, my advantage in life is my fighting personality. I am a person who seeks to live thought the life with a fighter attitude and to go with the flow.

Because of that attitude I jumped from the bottom of my feelings and in those grey days after my changed plans I applied for an EVS in Slovenia.

And here I am, living now abroad. My plans have changed and I am not here because of my Master degree, but I got a chance to gain work experience and to try to make the best from this situation.

Also the COVID19 situation is getting better because, in the next few Months we will get a vaccine and I can enjoy my first EVS experience at Ljubljana with great People at Gibanje za dostojno delo in Socialno druzbo.

Everything is possible if you have a fighting attitude and dare to challenge obstacles which life puts in front of us. My the year start now.

Author: Irma Sarać-Hukanović

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