The “Decent Work – Decent Future” platform is constantly searching for the new members and partner organizations that would be willing to join us and participate in common activities and actions. We believe that only by consolidating our forces, we may be able to create a real change in the continuous fight for decent jobs, decent education and decent future. If you think that the principles of work and fields of activities of your organization are similar to ours, you may be interested in contacting the platform’s coordinating organization, Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society (Slovenia). We will arrange an online meeting to get to know each other and discuss the potential pillars of our cooperation. Please, write to us to 

If you are an individual and are interested in the activities or the platform or would like to contribute to our Knowledge Bank, please contact Movement for Decent Work as well. The members of the platform are looking to get to know and to work with as much concerned and enthusiastic human beings as it will be possible!

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