The precarious workers, or more exactly the expanding process of precaritization, are the reason why the platform “Decent Work – Decent Future” was created. Maybe still unknown in many countries, the word precaritization relates to constantly decreasing quality and safety of the jobs, increasing number of various atypical types of employment, and associated economic, social, as well as psychological problems caused by it. The aim of member organizations is, from one perspective, to help the precarious workers to be heard and recognized by possible means, and from another, to propose the concrete steps that would change this malign trend.

While the platform serves more as a tool of spreading the word about the precarious and atypical workers and their struggles and uniting like-minded organizations, the organizations individually will do their best to help you. If you feel that your labour rights are being disrespected, the working conditions are becoming poorer and poorer, please contact a member organization from your country or, if there’s none from there yet presented on the platform, the platform’s coordinating organization. You can find their contact information in the “About us” section. We will check how we can help according to each individual case.

In case you are ready and willing to share your story of being a precarious worker, we are kindly ask you to contact Movement for Decent Work by Movement for Decent Work, which members are also partly represented by precarious workers, has a lot of experience in reaching and helping the precarious workers, so be sure that your case will be treated with respect.

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